BlockScout By POA

BlockScout is the first fully-featured open-source block explorer available for use by any EVM chain. Users can easily verify transactions, balances, block confirmations, smart contracts and other records stored on chain. BlockScout is designed to be fast, efficient, customizable and transparent. Its open design allows for easy adaptability, providing an explorer built by and for the Ethereum blockchain community.


Real-Time UI

No more waiting, refreshing, waiting and refreshing to view block confirmations. Everything from blocks, transactions, balances, and tokens transfers are displayed in real-time. You can simply stay on your account page to view transactions and balance updates as they happen on the blockchain.

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Block Confirmations

Transactions are updated in real time - no page refresh required. Users can track their transaction details and watch the block confirmations increase with each incoming block.

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Block Confirmations  confirmed

Token Support

Our current version release includes support for ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens. Token information is viewable on the transactions tab in an easy to read format. Originally slated for our next release, we’ve expedited ERC-721 support due to DApp developer needs. Several DApps recently migrated from Ethereum to POA Network to take advantage of lower cost transactions and increased speed. These include DopeRaider and EverDragons, with more on the way. We are developing additional features for ERC-721 tokens as DApps continue to move to the POA Network.

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0.00000002 POA 0.000021 TX Fee

Block #9016231

2 minutes ago

Contract Call





0.00000002 POA 0.000021 TX Fee

Block #9016229

4 minutes ago

Token Transfer





0 POA 0.000036848 TX Fee





Block #9016227

5 minutes ago


The BlockScout API is built to support developers. GraphQL provides the opportunity to test API calls directly from a web interface, and RPC methods are well documented. The functionality is compatible with other proprietary explorers, allowing for an easy transition without much code refactoring.


Hosted BlockScout

Native support is provided for Ethereum and all testnets, as well as Ethereum Classic, POA core and several other EVM-based chains. The open-source codebase offers opportunity for anyone to modify the explorer to meet their own needs. In addition, POA offers premium support and hosting for projects requiring increased visibility or configuration needs at Hosted instances of BlockScout receive benefits including customized features and dedicated support from the BlockScout core team.

Hosted BlockScout